28 July 2014

Sharp Act

Paul, Software, Tailor-made Shirt, Jacket from ZARA, Shoes from Rossi, Jeans from Selected.

We spotted Paul from afar as he was sauntering down the quayside with a pal. Tall, polished, and surprisingly soft-spoken, he told us that he had recently shed off some weight - most probably from spending his free time playing rugby - and now tries to dress up a little better. When asked how long did he take to put on this sharp outfit in the morning, he said lackadaisically, "Well, only ten minutes." Having been in Singapore for four-and-a-half years, Paul mentions that he favours the climate, but has a tiny problem with shuffling amongst the crowd. We concur with the latter.

27 July 2014

A Ray of Sunshine

Clyda, Teacher, Top from Greyhound, Bracelet from Fitbit.

We saw Clyda's pearlescent smile from a mile away, so when we caught up with her and asked how she maintains her pristine smile, she earnestly replied, "I only drink water. I don't take caffeine or alcohol!" Apart from being an outdoors girl and working out at least twice a week, Clyde teaches design at Nanyang Polytechnic. She names Joshua Davis - an American designer, technologist author and artist in new media - as one of her greatest inspirations.

26 July 2014

Russian Beauty

Alexandra, Publishing Business Developer, Russia, Necklace from Accessorize, Bag from Céline, Shades from Chanel.

Having been in Singapore for only two months, Alexandra confessed to us that so far, she's grown really fond of this country. "I've lived in London prior to coming here, and I have to say that although it's hot, to me it feels like a resort here. Singaporeans are really friendly", she claims. To stave off the heat in this climate, Alexandra keeps it breezy yet classy with her daily ensembles. She cites the likes of Hugo Boss and Armani as her designers of choice and mentioned that every outfit has to be elegant, no matter if she dresses down, or during the days when she keeps it easy.

25 July 2014

Cherry Bomb

Ain, Communications & Content, Skirt from H&M, Bag from Barcelona, Watch from Komono.

"I think the Harajuku girls have got it going on, but for now I'll just keep that inspiration to my hairdos!", quips the cherry-haired lass. She keeps it simple and clean in neutral hues with her outfit of the day, highlighting youthful prints in monochromatic and multi-coloured shades. A girl of many aspirations, Ain aims to somehow fuse her dreams of having a bakery and an edible garden - all while supporting a charitable cause. "There's a bigger reason to living our lives every day apart from all the money and paper chase. My goal is to find that reason."

24 July 2014


Peter, Operations Executive, Top and Bag from Kapital, Scarf from Mister Freedom, Glasses from Hakusan.

Peter's passion for Japanese labels was what charmed us. He was unabashed at professing his liking for KAPITAL, and mentioned that when it comes to choosing clothes, the story behind each stitch plays an important part. When asked about his music preference, he said with a chuckle "I listen to a lot of techno and drum and bass, Joy Division, the likes. I don't really understand the new music nowadays." When we spotted him sitting down while having a coffee during a fire drill, it was his unique mismatched approach that intrigued us, and couple that with a bashful demeanor, we've gotten ourselves one of the most quirky SHENTONISTA features yet.

23 July 2014

Favourite Girl

SiPei, Student, Skirt from Miss Selfridge, Bracelet from Valentino, Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Every time we bump into SiPei, she seems to have on a different outfit theme. Claiming the likes of Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr and Los Angeles fashion blogger Kristina Bazan as inspirations, she told us that no matter what she puts on, she always tries to keep it classy and feminine. She's done it excellently this time, pairing a fitted skirt with fun, tropical prints with a cut-off top that's reminiscent of the 90's. When ask what kind of special power she wants, she said with a laugh, "I'd want to have Mystique from the X-Men's special power of a mutant shapeshifter; changing my appearance as and when I like to assume the form of other humans. How cool!"

SiPei was previously spotted here. 

22 July 2014

Oh Marlene!

Marlene, Student, Pants from Forever 21, Bag from Vietnam.

We're completely besotted with Marlene's outfit seen here. Although her hair is no longer shocking pink since the last time we shot her, this adorable one aims to impress with her take of mix-and-match, and of course, that fabulous hat. Each element of her get-up has its distinct quirk, and makes for a visual treat when teamed up together.  Marlene's commencing her Fashion Design studies really soon, and seeing her style so far, we're excited to see what she comes up with.