20 April 2014

Soaking In The Music

Christy, Communications, Skirt and Boots from Taobao.

Christy's outfit may be all monochromatic and edgy and cool and whatnot, but her rich auburn mane and great smile showed the warmer side of her personality. We bumped into her during lunch hour at the buzzy China Square, dressed for the hot weather in a muscle tank top, polka dot printed skirt and ankle boots. "I'm definitely not the typical girly girl," she chimed, "So I tend to stay away from bright colors. I love prints though, and anything black, white and minimalist, with some swag undertones." She attributes her lean figure to competitive swimming in her secondary school days. "Nowadays, I basically soak more than swim though," she laughingly admitted. Quite the passionate one about singing and dancing, Christy spends her free time working on covers which she puts up on Youtube (search for christyfrisbee). Her list of preferred music runs the gamut from hip hop to K-pop ("They've got great dance choreography."), but her favourite? "Electronic dance music, fo' sho'. It's what I listen to when I need to get pumped up after lunch!" Dance away, Christy.

19 April 2014

All About The Beans

Eric, Barista, Shirt from Cotton On.

This guy knows his coffee. "I love anything of a dark roast. Ethiopian and Ugandan especially, but only if you roast it right." No prizes for guessing what Eric does for a living. The barista not only studies the beans, he spends his free time café hunting. "Singapore's a huge hub for coffee unlike Malaysia (where he's from), and I love discovering new pockets and meeting baristas who share the same passion as me," he said. On his way to work sporting a snapback, skate sneaks and a utility backpack, Eric also shared that he was hugely into sports and fitness when he was in Australia. "Ever since I got to Singapore though, it got harder to keep on track," he rued. Another passion of his – music, especially those of the 40s to 70s, ranging from the classics, rock, blues and jazz. His ultimate icons? Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 

18 April 2014

Sun-kissed Original

Paulina, Graphic Designer, Dress from ASOS, Sandals from ACNE.

Wavy golden brown locks, bronzed tanned skin, rosy pink cheeks and a sweet smile — Paulina, without a doubt, has spent some time in the sun. "I come from Cebu, Philippines, so weekends at the beach were a staple growing up," she shared. Now working in Singapore, she doesn't get to do so as often. Instead, she spends her down time painting and experimenting with craft at home, which she shares with her boyfriend. Dressed in an oversized T-shirt dress and tasselled sandals when we spotted her, Paulina looked both pretty and a touch nonchalant. "My style is 'ladylike but in a hurry'," she described, laughing. "I am quite feminine but never to the point where I look too dressy or made up. I like keeping it a little dishevelled." Power blogger Elin Kling, supermodel Kate Moss and French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt are her inspirations, but the biggest influence is the man in her life. "My whole wardrobe has evolved into a neutral palette since I started living with him!"

17 April 2014

Magenta Magnet

Kevin, Banker, Pants from Uniqlo.

Kevin attributes whatever fashion sense he has to his wife. "She is very fashion-conscious and tries, not always successfully, to dress me in something that is trendy but nonetheless suits me," he laughs. Indeed, while his choice of outfit is relatively simple in terms of silhouette, the dark magenta pants are a definite show-stopper with the dark chocolate loafers being a beautiful, finishing touch. Kevin's a banker by day but it's his side project that really got us intrigued. Together with an author, he's working on a series of books targeted at teenagers, themed around environmental preservation and sustainability. "It's all very exciting and I'm working to get the first book published," he enthused.

16 April 2014

Treasure Hunter

Yvette, Fashion Designer, Top and Shades from ASOS, Ring from Fairys Inc.

Dinosaur alert! It's not everyday that you see one in the business district. Yvette gleefully divulges that she scored this smiley dino sweater from Asos at a bargain. "I love shopping and I've quite a knack for bargain hunting, especially online," she shared. "If you look hard enough, even heartland wet markets have really cool stuff." Quite the sentimental soul, Yvette mentioned a few treasured memories of hers in our conversation, such as her favourite band, Mogwai. "It's special for my husband, Kev, and I. Their second gig in Singapore was the first concert we attended together," she reminisced. Her favourite song though, is by Call and Response. "The song 'Rollerskate' reminds me of my childhood; I learned that even before swimming or cycling." As for her preferred dinner date, Yvette would love to share a frozen yoghurt pop with Kelly, her long-haired chihuahua that passed away six months ago. "We had 17 years of companionship; we kinda grew old together." She now looks forward to kopitiam dinners with Kev (whom we featured yesterday), calling themselves creatures of habit. "If we find something we like to eat, we order the same exact thing every single time, it's very comforting."

15 April 2014

Lost In Space

Kev, Spatial Designer, Shirt from Dylan & Son, Watch from Nooka.

“A marriage between minimalist aesthetics and an element of fun” was how Kev described his personal style. Sounds like a mouthful but take a closer look at his outfit and you'll understand — it's pretty straightforward, but deceptively so. That's no ordinary white shirt — it boasts a double collar detail. Those plaid pants aren't the usual – they're cropped just so, with a bit of sock showing. His digital watch also redefines how time is read (without digits!) — with each bar representing the different aspects of time. Kev regards his life almost an extension of his work, sharing that he has a preference for artists with a “strong spatial quality”, naming Olafur Eliasson, Richard Serra and Dan Flavin amongst others. Likewise for music, this self-confessed "huge music junkie with a constantly expanding playlist” is drawn to tunes that are either atmospheric or ethereal, such as Jonsi & Alex or Moderat. The soft-spoken designer reckons his interests are all interlinked, if wide-ranging. "My interest in design is not only limited to the specific discipline but it involves the tangible and intangible things in our lives, such as music, scent, clothes, environment."

14 April 2014

Sowing Sunflower Seeds

Pip, Property, Watch from UK, Pants from Zara.

Looking every bit the classy working professional, Pip cut a sophisticated and poised figure in her ensemble of neutrals. A tone-on-tone play on nude, camel and gold kept her look fresh and modern. Pip shares that a thrice-weekly hot yoga regime keeps her trim and lean, and in the mornings one can also find her running along the river down Fullerton Bay. Cheerful and chirpy, Pip likened herself to a sunflower. "I love being in the sun and making people around me happy," she chimed. Having travelled around a bit recently – she's lived in London, Sydney and now Singapore in the last year and a half – she tracks her favourite music via Spotify. "I check out what my international friends are listening to; it helps me keep up!" she added. Her current obsession is something very dear to her. "My boyfriend, who's from Germany. I would travel anywhere in the world in a heartbeat to see him."