01 October 2014

CLUB 21 x SHENTONISTA: Golden Girl

Nellie, Advertising, Top Proenza Schouler, Skirt Proenza Schouler, Cuff Proenza Schouler, Shoes Proenza Schouler, Bag Proenza Schouler

Along with her signature stack of bracelets, rings, and necklaces, Nellie loves her heels, and she’s rarely seen without them; she believes that “a cute pair of heels” can amp up any outfit, even a plain shirt and jeans. “Heels are a huge part of my wardrobe,” she says. Describing her style as casual, edgy chic, Nellie also says that she has started to invest in clothes from international designer labels because she believes in spending money on quality. It helps that she works in an industry that has an open dress code, which allows her to exercise her creativity. “I’m generally a huge fan of people dressing up for work, and my only pet peeve would be when people don’t bother,” she says. “Have fun, experiment with different styles or a different colour palette to make your day a little more exciting because you’re dressing up in something different!” Something else that gets her excited about her job is when she gets to work with like-minded people. “People around me play a huge part in creating an ideal work environment,” Nellie says. “I feed off people’s energy and love to be surrounded by young, energetic and enthusiastic people who are extremely passionate in what they do.” We think Nellie’s colleagues are pretty lucky to have her too.

Hair done by PREP. This is a SHENTONISTA project for Club 21. 

30 September 2014

Never Growing Up

Serena, Law, Pants from Topshop, Shoes from Pazzion.

Serena likes to read, that much is clear. We spotted her engrossed in her book (Lev Grossman’s The Magician’s Land), in a simple tank top and elephant-printed pants, jazzed up with eye-catching silver shoes.  She spends quite a lot of time over the weekends reading as well, as a means of de-stressing, and is even a part of a book-exchange club. Serena lists Neil Gaiman and Haruki Murakami as some of her favourite authors, and collects covers of Peter Pan books. (Three words that get her through life: “Love, trust, and pixie dust!”) During working hours, however, she has developed a way to deal with the workload. I try to remind myself that work, projects and files will keep coming in, so it's okay to take a break, go for a walk, get a drink and then get back to work.” Keeping things simple is also the approach Serena takes for her wardrobe, which she says is made up mainly of monochromatic colours, like black, white, and grey. “It makes things easier.” Her effervescent spirit still bursts through sometimes, however, such as when we ask her what she would like to do if she wasn’t working in law. Her excitement is palpable when she declares: “I would be a wedding planner!”

29 September 2014


Lesley, Content & Communication, Top Proenza Schouler, Skirt Proenza Schouler, Bag Proenza Schouler, Shoes 3.1 Phillip Lim

If she could wear a uniform of sorts to work every day, for the rest of her life, Lesley would choose to wear a t-shirt dress and sneakers—something easy to throw on, and easy to move about in. Her biggest pet peeve when it comes to the way some people dress for work, she says, is when women wear overly tight and short bandage skirts and dresses. “It just looks very unprofessional; you should be dressed to do your work. Skirts should be kept to an appropriate length and fit, and tops shouldn’t be too revealing,” she says. “It might sound very prudish but I think it’s possible to look well-dressed and put-together even if you’re in a conservative ensemble.” Even though she’s only been working for about two months, Lesley has a clear idea of what her ideal work environment would be like: supportive, and friendly, she says, “because it makes all the difference, especially on days when I’m feeling overwhelmed.” That, plus an open-plan layout, with lots of space and natural light. “And plants,” she adds. “Plants make everything better.”

Hair done by PREP. This is a SHENTONISTA project for Club 21.

28 September 2014

SHENTONISTA Trend of the Week: In Mixed Company

Featuring: Rachel, Bella, Melissa, Min-Li, Mintz

The ladies in our trend of the week embraced their femininity in a different way. From androgynous, draped layers of black; to breezy pixie haircuts; to boxy silhouettes and equally boxy, fuss-free bags; and to oversized, gender-neutral watches, these women know that they can do everything, and more.

27 September 2014

Mum's The Word

Mintz, Advertising, Dress and pants from Taobao, Shoes from Shanghai.

Mintz looks every bit the chic mummy in this all-black ensemble, cleverly making use of interesting drapes to flatter her figure. I like to wear comfortable clothes with loose cuts,” she says. “This is why didn’t need to do a lot of shopping for maternity clothes after I got pregnant!” Working in advertising, Mintz says that the best part of her job is working closely with her team, and seeing the final creative outcome. “It might upset me if it doesn't turn out as good as I’d expected, but I’m leaning to manage my expectations nowadays,” she says. “Also, my boss is the type of person who believes in a work life balance, so I’m actually very lucky to work there.” Now that she’s about to become a mother, this balance in life is all the more important; in addition, she has come understand her own mother better. “My mum has always been my role model in life. She is a fashion designer and a sharp, beautiful woman,” Mintz says. “I always fight with her on different opinions, but nowadays, as time goes by, she has proven to be right on a lot of things.”

26 September 2014

CLUB 21 x SHENTONISTA: Different Strokes

Min-Li, Lawyer, Jacket Proenza Schouler, Pants Proenza Schouler, Bag Proenza Schouler, Cuff Proenza Schouler.

Min-Li looks impeccably dressed, but this comes from experience, and she laughs at several memorable faux pas she’s committed in the past. “Where do I begin?! From unintentionally plunging necklines, to heels that have snapped, to wearing jeans to a meeting where everyone was in suits even though it was a Saturday—I have seen and done it all.” She puts all this behind her, however, and today her style is simple, but classy and stylish to show that she means business; staple pieces in her wardrobe include “the perfect button down shirt, a beautifully cut jacket, and a wonderful pencil skirt.” “At work, the focus should be on performance and the way you dress should serve to highlight that you are serious about your job, not about the way you look,” Min-Li says. Learning from her mistakes is also something that gets her by when she’s working. “I used to be a control freak and would take everything personally, but I realised that this would kill me sooner or later!” she says. “I have learnt to not be so hard on myself, to forgive my mistakes as long as I learn from them, and by the same token, to be more forgiving and giving with the people I work with.” And the most important thing for her to have at work? “My wits about me.” Wise words indeed.

Hair done by PREP. This is a SHENTONISTA project for Club 21. 

25 September 2014


Melissa, Stylist, Shirt Zara, Jeans H&M, Shoes Salvatore Ferragamo, Bag Celine, Watch Larsson & Jennings.

If she wasn’t working in fashion, Melissa says, she might have gone to study law instead. “I secretly like arguing my case. My friend says that I like to prove a point and I’d stick to it to matter what. Probably the nicest way I’ve heard anyone call me stubborn!” Nonetheless, Melissa says she loves the industry that she’s in, and has met plenty of awesome and inspiring people. Working at a menswear magazine also has her convinced of the power of a good suit, so much so that she recommends that everyone, regardless of gender, should get themselves a tailor-made pantsuit. “A good suit can make you look way above your ranks,” she says. And even though she often dresses down with boyfriend jeans for days when she has to run about town for work, she always has a double-breasted blazer at the ready for more formal occasions; she even layers up on weekdays and days off. “I do get some people asking me how I stay cool under all my layers,” she says. “Well, Singapore may be all sun and humidity but we’ve got powerful air-conditioning too, no?” In her spare time, however, Melissa embraces the sun and goes stand-up paddling. “Being near water, like at the beach or swimming pools, also has a strange effect on me,” she adds. “I just get really happy!”