03 September 2014

Her Own Tune

Melody, Student, Top from Zara, Pants from Kate Moss for Topshop, Bag vintage.

Melody describes her style as bohemian and casual, but with a twist; in this outfit consisting of a cropped top, flared, silk pyjama pants, and a bejewelled vintage bag, we see what she means. A recent graduate from LASALLE, Melody is making plans to move to London to continue her studies. “I think I am at a point in my life where I have nothing to lose, so if it's anything I am definitely living by, it’s to always create opportunities for yourself,” she says. “Life really is way too short for you to sit around and wait for the right time for things to happen. If you want something, go out and get it. Make the change that you want to see.” This driven go-getter also has a less serious side, however. “I love to cook so much that sometimes I pretend I am Nigella Lawson, and I talk to myself when I’m cooking alone in the kitchen, as if I were having my own cooking show,” she reveals. “Also, I’m always singing out loud wherever I go with my invisible microphone.” We’re sure she’ll have plenty more stories to tell the next time we see her.

02 September 2014

In Bloom

Soma, Finance, Skirt from Zara, Shoes from Zara, Watch from Michael Kors.

Soma’s beautiful, printed skirt was the clear standout element of her outfit today, and she revels in not confining to the unspoken status quos of dress in her industry. Working in a finance does give the impression to others that you’re not allowed to wear bright colours or prints, hence many people tend to stick with basic colours like black, white, grey, or dark blue,” she says. “That's where I play it different and add bright colours and quirky prints, with a touch of colour on my lips.” On the weekends, Soma tends to her fashion blog, documenting her outfits and fuelling her dream about working as a fashion stylist or buyer. Other than that, she finds time to spend with her pug, cheekily named Sir Preston, and with her husband (we caught Soma just a few days before her wedding), with whom Saturday nights are specifically set aside as date night—surely a clever way of maintaining a relationship when weekdays are taken up by work.

01 September 2014


Janice, Marketing, Pants from Santorini, Bracelet from Bangkok, Watch from Raymond Weil.

Janice was rather camera shy when we approached her, but she won us over with her upbeat personality. “Oh, my lipstick shade matches my clutch?” she says, when we compliment her outfit. “I mean,” she laughs, “I totally planned that.” She does seem to know what she’s doing, however, and we like how she uses different prints and a little bit of colour to make her monochromatic getup more interesting. Janice has her morning routine “down to a science”, she says. “I decide on my outfit while showering, apply my face stuff and the least amount of make up I can get away with, change, pack my stuff, grab something to eat and go, all within 40 minutes.” It probably helps that she works in an environment that doesn’t require her to be in formal business wear every day. Janice also offers a tip when it comes to juggling work and personal life: “If you're really keen on spending quality time with several people, make the effort to plan them into your life—even if it's just a couple of hours, every three months.” Ever self-deprecating, she adds, “Yes, I'm that friend that books you two weeks in advance for 4.42pm tea.” We’d take her up on that offer.

31 August 2014

Free And Easy

Joyce, Insurance, Shoes from Charles & Keith. 

Joyce opened our eyes to the perks of working in insurance. “I don’t have to work under people, and I have the freedom to manage my own time,” she says. “I can be my own boss.” By managing her time and meeting her targets, she can take leave almost anytime she wants, so she is able to travel frequently; two or three times a year, in fact. Her most recent trip was in January, and she’s already planning her next vacation with friends to Australia in October. Another thing to envy about Joyce would be her classic sense of style. Joyce says she likes shopping at local online blogshops for her office threads, and it’s surprising what good finds she discovers. She updates a sensible white blouse with a pair of high cut, tie-waisted grey pants—both from blogshops.

30 August 2014

It Takes Two

Xiao Yun, Insurance, Necklace from Lovisa. 

Xiao Yun isn’t afraid of colour, and by pairing a forest-green blouse with a colour-blocked skirt, she stands out among the usual neutral tones of the office crowd. We like that she makes a fitting skirt look classy by making sure that the length is just right, and that her top is cut more loosely. Xiao Yun says that she would be travelling the world if she wasn’t working in insurance, but she likes her job, despite the hectic first few years she needs to establish her base. Interestingly, she also takes tango lessons in her free time. “I’ve only been learning it for a couple of months,” she says. “I’m not so good at it yet.” We half-think she’s only being modest.

29 August 2014

Uncommon Threads

Nicholas, IT, Jeans from Gustin, Shoes from Florsheim, Watch from Steinhart, Bag from Filson. 

We spotted Nicholas quietly sitting down after office hours, and noted that his outfit, while simple, had some nice touches—a work bag that stood out from the masses of black briefcases, for example, and the striped orange socks that contrasted with his forest green polo tee. Getting past his quiet demeanour, we found out that Nicholas is quite a brand maven, hunting down new brands online, and even joining in the crowdfunding behind the American brand from which his jeans are from. “I like that the process of crowdfunding cuts out the middleman,” he says. Yet another way to cut out the middleman would be to do it yourself, and Nicholas also dabbles in leatherwork in his free time; in fact, he made the strap of the watch he is currently wearing. “I took a class once some time back, then learnt the rest online. I make mostly small stuff, like watch straps, wallets, card holders, and device sleeves.” As a man in the IT industry, he supposes that it is in his nature. “I like taking things apart, improving them and putting it back together again.”

28 August 2014

Spoonful of Sugar

Valerie, Trading, Dress from H&M, Phonecase from Moschino.For someone who has only been working for 5 months in her current job, Valerie couldn’t be more enthusiastic. “I love it,” she says. “I’ve always been interested in the industry.” Perhaps one of the reasons why she feels so content at her job is because she works reasonable hours, and is able to balance her personal life and work. “Maybe the only thing I would want is more time with my bed,” Valerie says. She takes about 1.5 hours to get ready in the morning, including time for “zoning out.” This time translates into her outfit, which is simple and practical, but also chic. We like the lace details on her dress and her eye-catching, deep blue necklace. And not to forget—that sweet phone casing, which shows that while Valerie might be dressed in sombre tones, there’s a side to her that is playful and fun.