22 July 2014

Oh Marlene!

Marlene, Student, Pants from Forever 21, Bag from Vietnam.

We're completely besotted with Marlene's outfit seen here. Although her hair is no longer shocking pink since the last time we shot her, this adorable one aims to impress with her take of mix-and-match, and of course, that fabulous hat. Each element of her get-up has its distinct quirk, and makes for a visual treat when teamed up together.  Marlene's commencing her Fashion Design studies really soon, and seeing her style so far, we're excited to see what she comes up with.

21 July 2014

The Girl with the Plan

Alicia Lee, Top from Ninth Store, Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.

One glance at Alicia reminded us of Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely - with an outfit that's drenched in rock and roll vibes and perfectly dishevelled hair. Also owning her own blog, parallelstreets.blogspot.sg, Alicia has a fervent love affair with cakes of any kind, and even jokingly confessed that she would work for cakes (who wouldn't?). She's also a pretty strong chick, with boldness not unlike her outfit. "I believe in the idea that the pain of today will be the strength of tomorrow". We can't help but agree.

20 July 2014

Free Spirit

Nichole, Graphic Designer, Top from Zara, Necklace from USA, Woven bracelets made by her boyfriend, Metal bracelets from Turkey.

When we met Nichole, we were charmed by her unmistakable Los Angeles-tinged vibes. So we weren't really surprised when she told us that Bethany Struble, the ladies from Warpaint and Cali-girls are her main style influences. Her effort at tying a denim jacket at the waist passes that '90s cliche and enters a free-and-easy style zone, one that is not easy to tack down. When asked what an ideal super power will be, she went on to say, "Right now, maybe the ability to not sleep and still be sane and living. And teleporting because sometimes the commute is tiring." We can't agree more.

19 July 2014

Geek Chic

Marcus, Student, Top from Topman, Shoes from Dr Martens. 

It's a tried-and-tested combination that Marcus has chosen to be his garb today, and it's one that many Singaporean males have on, especially on weekends when formality is brought down several notches. This geek-chic ensemble spells serious and impish at the same time, and Marcus wears it undeniably well!

18 July 2014

Back to Basics

Fiona, Finance, Dress from H&M, Bangles from Thomas Sabo, Links London & Swarovski.

Flaxen-haired Fiona nailed basic-chic just right. Even with gilded sandals and a luxe, buttery-soft leather tote, she toned it all down with fun bracelets and an easy black dress that was cinched at the waist. It's also that Marilyn Monroe-esque piercing that keeps it all effortlessly cool. It's not a far stretch to say that Fiona is one of the most classy laid-back dressers we've found lately.

17 July 2014

It Girl

Desiree Liew, Student, Shoes from Styledasher.

Desiree's definitely not an unfamiliar face amongst the crowd. She mans her own fashion blog, decadentdrama.com, and tops the inviting lists for countless events. Desiree is currently majoring in Fashion Communications in Lasalle College of the Arts - making it seem that fashion runs deep into her bones. We bumped into her wearing a pleasant ensemble of a lovely China-patterned full skirt with clean pairings. We're pretty sure she'll get it right again the next time we meet her.

16 July 2014

Isn't She Lovely

Elle, Finance, Jacket from Korea.

As she was making her way across the heart of Raffles Place, our eyes got locked onto the elegant Elle. Even though she kept her colour palette to a neutral one, there was something charming about the way she put them together. Elle made her well-fitted jacket the key piece of her get-up, which has a distinctive cut to it - a simple shape when unbuttoned created a slight peplum outline to it, adding an interesting silhouette to her outfit. Punctuating her look with a simple pair of black pleather pumps added much class to her air. Seemingly coy at first, after a casual conversation, we found that Elle had a genial candour, which was a nice contrast to her shy disposition. Definitely a delightful sight against the rigidity of buildings and concrete that surrounded her.