01 March 2015

SHENTONISTA Looks — A Classic

Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): Shan, Osman, Angie, Tomohiro, Kelly, and Brett

A white, button-up shirt is a wardrobe staple for many of us, but we've never really appreciated how versatile it truly is. The best part? It acts like a blank canvas, no matter what style you're inclined to, or what you pair it with. We've rounded up some of our favourite looks that make use of the humble white shirt in a variety of ways, each equally personalised by the wearer. Whether you're thinking of going for something corporate, but with a twist, in the form of a funky skirt or suspenders; or using a scarf or cardigan to dress it up; or going weekend-ready in a less form-fitting cut, the white shirt is something we'd recommend stocking up on.

28 February 2015

In The Driver's Seat

Sharon, Automotive Industry, Skirt from BYSI, Clutch from Forever21.

Although Sharon says that she’s usually in black and white, the fact that she’s wearing a silky, emerald-green skirt today shouldn’t come as a surprise, she says. “My style is quite mixed. I can be dressed in a demure skirt one day, and come in pants the next day. My colleagues always say that they can’t tell what I’m going to wear next.” Nonetheless, she keeps it consistent by accessorising, and sticking to classic ensembles. “You can’t go wrong with that.” We like her slightly quirky, offbeat sense of style; it seems like Sharon isn’t one to follow trends, or buy something purely because of the brand, and she happily tells us that her spectacles are from “some neighbourhood store”. Sharon works in the automotive industry, and says that being able to learn more about the industry is something that she enjoys the most. One thing she’s learnt, she says, is to pluck up the courage and not be afraid to ask. “Ask and you will receive.” But that doesn’t meant she goes into things rashly, without thinking; her personal motto is: “Make sure that you don’t have any regrets in the decisions you make.”

27 February 2015


Carol, Recruitment, Top from Shopeverydaypeople, Bottom from San&Sans, Necklace from H&M, Shoes from ACNE Studios.

Carol works in a Japanese firm, and this sometimes means that she has to be more conservative in her dressing, but that doesn’t stop her from trying out different styles. “I would say I'm pretty versatile,” she says. “I hope to pull off anything from pants, to dainty dresses, to pencil skirts and shirts. Probably the only fashion pet-peeves I have when it comes to work-wear would be wearing slippers when you are away from your desk.” The Japanese culture at work is definitely something that’s different for Carol, although she enjoys what she does. “I love being able to meet and speak to all sorts of people from all walks of life, and part of my job is to understand their job scopes, and what motivates us as individuals in the working society,” she says. “I realise that I may be in the working society for the next three or four decades of my life, so it is important to find joy in what I do!” Part of this joy comes from managing a proper work-life balance, so Carol says she tries not to bring work home. “I try to plan my schedule ahead of time, and as cliche as it sounds, time management may very well be the key,” she says. “I really enjoy going to quirky cafes if I have the time over weekends, or staying at home to spend some time with my family. I make it a point to go for yoga two to three times a week if possible, especially when my studio is just opposite my office.” And while Carol says she’s still figuring out her career, she’s definitely one driven individual that won’t stop at anything. “On most days, when work gets a little tough, I draw inspiration from this phrase: work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

26 February 2015


It’s been quite a journey, and we wouldn’t have made it this far without all of your support. Thanks for the great start to the year, and we hope the rest of the year will be equally fruitful! We've got some exciting projects lined up, so watch this space.

Going Live

Nicole, Reporter, Top from G2000, Bag from Charles &Keith.

We first spotted Nicole as she was nervously preparing to record a live report, but we learn that nerves aren’t going to stop her. “I’ve always wanted to be a reporter,” she says. “I like learning new things, and meeting different people everyday. There's also a creative element to it which I really appreciate — we’re required to think not just about the words in our writing, but also use pictures to tell the story.” As a reporter, Nicole knows the importance of looking well-dressed. “I try to look professional as I meet new people every day and I'd like to give a good first impression,” she says. “Although some mornings I wish we had a uniform so it wouldn't take so long getting ready!” Nicole has been at her job for two years, but she still feels new to her work, with much more to learn. “Following the advice that older friends gave me when I was just starting out, and from experience— Never say no! Always start out with a positive, can-do attitude and a willingness to learn,” she says. “It’s better to ask questions and do it right, rather than act like you know what you’re doing and then make mistakes.” The odd hours of her job make it difficult for Nicole to have a fixed routine, but she makes it a point to make time for family. “Family dinners are precious quality time, so I try my best to avoid making dinner plans.” Ever the girl next door, Nicole says that if she wasn’t a reporter, she might have been a musician. “I play the piano, bass guitar and guitar. But I was too much of a 'nerd' in school to really pursue it,” she says. “If not, maybe I’d be a pet shop owner. I love animals.”

25 February 2015

Into Space

Kevin, Spatial Designer, Pants from Topman, Shoe from Kenzo. 

As a spatial designer, Kevin is keenly aware of not only his surroundings, but also of the way he presents himself. The creative industry allows Kevin to be expressive in his dressing, as long as he looks presentable, but he still prefers to keep things minimal. “My style is clean and simple — no fuss,” he says. “I don’t like to attract too much attention, but I like personalizing my outfit with small subtle touches such as a quirky pin or a fun pair of patterned socks.” We see that in his look today — a high-necked sweater accessorised with a fox pin; patterned pants chopped off above the ankles; and the unusual choice of bleach-white dress socks with his shoes. At work, Kevin says the most important lesson he’s learnt would be to persevere, especially when it’s the final outcome of his work that excites him the most. “The greatest satisfaction is to be able see your design become something tangible,” he says. “It's a wonderful feeling to experience or dwell in the spaces that you have designed.” For Kevin, spaces can even take on a deeper meaning, beyond just something physical. “My wife and I enjoy going on our own spiritual ‘archi-tours’ by visiting different churches in Singapore to celebrate mass in different spatial settings and atmospheres,” he says. “Despite them being so different architecturally, and built in such different eras, there's always that same familiarity in the sequence of the mass, and a calm sense of inner peace. I think that's a unique beauty of the universal church.”  

Kevin was previously spotted here, and here

24 February 2015

Quite Contrary

Shan, Designer, Skirt from Ostwald Helgason, Ring custom made.

We asked Shan what she might have done if she weren’t a designer at IDEO. She said, “When I was in college, I entertained the notion of being a jazz recording artist and live performer,” she says. “The first bar a friend and I tried to peddle our services to at Club Street sent us home with $50, saying the stuff was too sleep-inducing! But I say, fail early to succeed sooner. We’ve both found our place in the world.” One of the things she loves most about her job is being able to help others draw out their own personal forms of expression. One of the biggest things she’s learnt and is still learning about is the fact that everyone needs to feel recognized. “Not just for their successes, but for their desire to contribute,” she says. “The trick is learning to balance the sense of collective with advancing the effort, because things need to get done." When asked what advice she has for other creatives, she said, "try not to have all the answers as the beginning.” When she’s not at work, Shan enjoys all the “sheer joys of consumption, like any Singaporean worth their salt.” This includes shopping, eating, drinking good coffee, and reading, and doing all these in good company. She also shared the story behind her wedding ring, made out of three different kinds of gold. Just like her ring, Shan’s personal style is anything but conventional. She enjoys textures, silhouettes, and patterns, like the skirt she’s wearing today (“It’s designed by Ostwald Helgason," she says) and her shirt, which was tailor-made by Hong Kong tailor Ascot Chang. “They usually only do menswear, I almost had to beg them to give a women’s shirt a shot!” For now, Shan seems to be content where she is. “We’re very fortunate in Singapore to have a healthy creative community that is growing in new capacities all the time, and consists of very nice people!”

Shan was last seen here.