23 September 2014

Not Just Another Woman

Rachel, Publishing, Top from J. Crew, Bracelets from Club Monaco, Shoes from Toms. 

Rachel believes in solid colours and basics; they always look put-together, she reasons, and they save her precious time trying to think of how to match her separates. Another thing she vouches for: flat shoes. “I’m always in flats,” she says. “With heels I feel like an awkward, train-surfing emu in the MRT. Not so glam.” Today’s shoes are her wet-weather shoes, something lightweight, comfortable, and handy to have in a bag for our unpredictable weather. When she isn’t buried under “piles of paper” at work, Rachel dabbles in oil painting and photography, but her true passion lies in movies and films. “I watch so many movies, I can’t even decide on the last movie I really liked,” she says. “I really like Woody Allen—his scripts and films, I mean, not so much as a person.” Rachel is also strict about keeping dinner time as personal time, and enjoys spending time with her two dogs and rabbit, all with alliterated names: Pepper, Pico, and the rabbit, Poncho. Interestingly, her rabbit’s name hints at her heritage: Rachel is 1/16th Spanish.

22 September 2014


SHENTONISTA is thrilled to announce our next collaboration with Club 21. Established in 1972, and with the recent opening of several flagship stores at the exclusive Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Club 21 continues to be at the forefront of luxury fashion in Asia.

In the weeks to come, a group of some of our favourite personalities and influencers will be revealed, all togged in the latest threads from Club 21's newest stores—Proenza Schouler and 3.1 Phillip Lim at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands—and coiffed by the good people at PREP.

Watch this space to see how they put their personal spin on their outfits of choice, and stay tuned for  another exciting announcement soon.

21 September 2014

SHENTONISTA Trend of the Week: Darkside

Featuring: Arissa, Nicole, Allegra, and Aaron

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time," Yohji Yamamoto once said. "Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don’t bother you — don’t bother me".” The people featured in this week's trend might be dressed in anonymous, monochromatic ensembles, but it was the little things that let their personalities shine through, no matter how much they might have tried to hide it. Edgy touches of leather; wine-red lips; distressed, well-worn sneakers — all serving to offset the sombreness of these outfits. What we found to be pleasantly surprising was that in spite of all the aloofness of their black coordinates, the people wearing the outfits were, in stark contrast, some of the brightest and cheeriest of the lot. Modest, yes; arrogant, not so much. 

20 September 2014

Picture Maker

Aaron, Stylist, Hat from The Corner Shop, Jacket from Zara.

As a fashion stylist, Aaron can be trusted to put himself together well. We like how he isn’t afraid to dress down a little, with a t-shirt, sneakers, and “ratty old bag”, while keeping the rest of his outfit polished. Aaron’s almost living out his job, because even his work is an extension of himself. “It's sort of hard to explain, but when you're creating fashion images, you can't help but put a bit of yourself into each picture you create, like a little signature,” he says. “The most rewarding feeling is seeing the hard work materialise in a picture that inspires people and transcends time.” The downside of his job? “I hate carrying all the heavy bags of clothes and shoes, especially during Fall/Winter season,” he admits. “Can die one.” Nonetheless, Aaron has become more adept at separating work and personal life. “I've learnt to accept that no matter how many late nights you clock, your in-tray never clears up. So I've kind of forced myself to shut my "work-brain" off once I leave the office. Just like how you respect time for work, you have to respect time for yourself too.”

19 September 2014

A Cut Above the Rest

Michelle, Legal Sector, Dress from The Arcade, Shoes from Vinci. 

With her pixie-cut hair and laser-cut dress, Michelle is a picture of edgy sophistication. She says she usually wears more prints, florals, and colours, however, to get round the office dress code. “I'm a colourful person, and don't shy away from colours,” Michelle says. “Except purple, I don't quite like purple.” It helps that she picks out her outfit and accessories the night before, even though her husband always says she takes “too long” to get dressed anyway. At work, Michelle embraces challenges. “I like to get my brain tied up in knots,” she says. “It's fun trying to solve a tough problem.” If she could, however, Michelle would rather spend time with her husband and her border collie, Russell, go diving, or save marine creatures. “I'd like to dive in the Galapagos and the Blue Hole!” she says. “If I could do anything, I'd travel the world with my husband and Russell and work on animal and marine life conservation.”

18 September 2014

Ready to Rock

Allegra, Fashion, Jacket from Topshop, Phone case from Case Scenario, Ring from Lovisa, Shoes from Zalora.

The sun clearly didn’t stop Allegra from throwing a leather jacket over a full-black outfit, and the rock-chick vibes extend to the smallest of details—from her ring covered in little skulls, to her dark shade of lipstick. Leather is the common element in her outfit, but her strappy heels ensure that her outfit is elevated to a more sophisticated level. Few people could get away with wearing a “party outfit”, as she calls it, to work, and Allegra is lucky as she works in an industry that encourages freedom of personal expression. A recent graduate from LASALLE, she finds work to be similar to school. “The only difference is that there aren’t so many deadlines,” she says. “But I do miss my term breaks at the end of each semester in school!” 

17 September 2014


Nicole, Fashion, Top Zara, Shorts YoungHungryFree, Bag TheScarletRoom, Shoes Topshop

Behind Nicole’s unsmiling visage actually lies a friendly, riotous demeanour. Although she’s drawn to black and menswear-inspired tailoring, Nicole says that comfort is always on the top of her mind when she dresses for work. “My job requires me to move around a lot,” she says. “But I am very blessed that there isn’t a dress code at work.” This makes getting ready in the morning easier, and Nicole says she can be out of the house in 15 minutes if necessary: “Miracles can happen when you’re in a rush.” As she works six days a week, she’s probably needed these little miracles. Her packed work schedule leaves little time for herself, but Nicole says that the power of group chats allows her to keep in touch with friends. “Usually, my friends and I chat in a group chat on a daily basis, so it’s very quick and easy to arrange or plan a meet up, or what we like to call, “re-group”,” she says. “It may sound crazy, but over time, things do get better and you learn how to manage better.” Whether it comes to work, or finding time with friends, Nicole has a philosophy she follows: “Decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it.”